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True Dimensional Bluestone

True Dimensional natural cleft pattern is a new product available at Diaz Stone & Pallet, Inc. that will allow our customers the look of natural cleft, but will have a much tighter tolerance for quality.  Diaz Stone & Pallet, Inc. will hand select all pattern from our yard stock for no “chisel marks” and a thickness range of +/- ¼” and NO MORE!!!  Then we will saw cut 4 edges to get a perfect 90° angle on all stone, so that the installers have no field cutting, for a quick installation. 

Save Time and Money!!!
With True Dimensional, all stone is usable and guaranteed!!

Available in:

Blue or Full Color Natural Cleft
Thickness – 1” or 1.5”


11”x11”           11”x16.5”        11”x22”           11”x27.5”        11”x33”
16.5”x16.5”     16.5”x22”        16.5”x27.5”     16.5”x33”
22”x22”           22”x27.5”        22”x33”

True Dimensional Natural Cleft Bluestone
+/- 1/4" Thickness
tolerance MAX!!

4 Sides hand cut
             90° corners

No Chisel marks
100% Usable Stone
True Dimensional
Pattern #2 Example